How to install Kong API Gateway, the main gate of web API service


Start installing Kong API Gateway

The first step of all is downloading Kong. In this tutorial, I use Ubuntu 20.04.5 Focal Fossa and Kong API Gateway community edition. For other versions and other operators use this link for checking.

Download (1) and Install (2) commands
apt broken install
Command fix broken install
Install completed
Kong are roaring

Install PostgreSQL

In this step, we will install PostgreSQL 14 database run command below follow step line by line.

Create user and database command
The result when run command
Open with vim
The result when open kong.conf file
Migrations DB
The result when migrations finish
Starts Kong by config file
Kong starts

To verify Kong was started

Run the command below to check that Kong is working well. If you get a 200 status code that show your Kong run normally.

The result should get 200 status code



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